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  1. Hi Thanks for the reply but thats how I've been getting round the problem with past updates. I was just wondering why it won't update as intended as the above solution is a little tiresome. Don't know if it matters but i'm using the free version....?
  2. Hi Does any one know why after every software update SAS fails. The icon disappears from the task bar and although it's still listed in 'programs' when I try to start it from here it tells me it can't be found. I'm using Win2k pro if that's relevant. Many thanks....Mccfuzz
  3. Unfortunately I didn't capture the Comodo popup. I've since installed SAS again and as yet the problem has not recurred. I'll also take note of the other suggestions. Many thanks....McCfuzz
  4. I think I downloaded SAS from 'Snapfiles'. The full warning generated from my Comodo firewall was, " SAS is trying to modify svchost.exe in memory" if that makes any difference. I'll download again fromyour website and try again. Thanks for the suggesations.................McCfuzz
  5. Hi there, I've temporarily uninstalled SAS due to my firewall warning me that SAS was attempting to modify my anti virus software (Avast free version) Shortly afterwards a similar window opened warning that it was also trying to modify svchost.exe. Is this normal? Is it anything to worry about? Thanks in advance for any replies.
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