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  1. Thank you guys... It worked with the Uninstaller...
  2. That laptop on the picture is not mine... I just put that picture so you could understand what the problem was... My operating System is Windows 7, 32-bit... I will try to uninstall it with the SAS Uninstaller Assistant... Hope it works... Not sure which version I have installed, because frankly, I'm a little bit afraid to open SAS again... Now the computer works... But I'm not using SAS... Would like to use it again... Just don't want that error to come up again... And thank you very much guys for the help...
  3. I couldn't upadate SAS, so I checked on the net and found out that some people said that you need to go to the installation folder of SAS, right click on the SAS.exe and click on "Run as Administrator"... Well, I did that and the next thing that happened is that my screen got all fu***d up... Something like this : http://img405.imageshack.us/i/pa020339.jpg/ Not the same, but just to give you the idea... Then I tried to uninstall SAS, and right in the middle of the uninstallation process, the same thing happened... The screen error... I'm so angry right now... I don't want SAS to instead help keep my computer safe, to completely f**k it up... Thanks in advance for your help...
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