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  1. So.. 4 days, 62 views and 0 replies???? OK, ill ask something simple enough that maybe someone could try to try to give an answer: Is there any problem regarding my lifetime license.. if i reactivate it now and then (because of the problem that i have during backup/restore) ?
  2. Hi, i have a little strange problem, and I hope for some answers/advices about it, PLEASE. The problem occurs only when I restore a previously made full backup image of the system partition of my PC, my SuperAntiSpyware Pro- with lifetime license.. says that it’s not activated. This only happens when im using EaseUS Todo Backup software. The first time it happened somewhere in August 2011 I did REactivated SAS-Pro. Now, a few days ago I was trying the newest version of Todo’s software, and again.. the same problem . But now I didn’t Reactivate SAS-pro, I just restored to a different backup image using different backup software that I use regularly(without any problems with the activation of SAS-pro) Now, I don’t want to lose my license to use SAS-Pro with reactivating it now and then.. and I like Todo’s software a lot, so I hope someone has some helpful info/tip about all of this. Thanks in advance, Igor.
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