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  1. Hello distinguished SAS users, Well, I’ve updated the latest SAS (5.0.1108) on 3 desktop machines and laptop, or to be more exact : WS2003, XP, Win 7 and another Win 7. And each had one of the previous version of SAS + Nod. At the very best, occasional tracking cookie would be found and each OS is really as mint when it comes to spyware or viruses. Yet after installing the latest SAS on each; SAS finds problems in the most weird places, but, mostly in system folders. With XP and 7 it was "System Volume Information" folder. Truth be told, these were just minor files, and I had no issue with that - as they would make no changes whatsoever. But with my main WS2003, I’ve just started my first scan, and this is just too much, considering that the very previous version had no problems with those folders/files. Again, as seen on my capture results, these are not some essential files, but I wonder : What makes the latest SAS so agile and Scan hungry to all this findings? Mind you that I’ve checked all those files manually, with Nod/Malwarebytes and online Jotti, and there is no even a hint of anything being malicious. What do you advise?
  2. Thank you kindly for your swift response, I'm aware of this quotation. But when you say "will not show the origin of the cookie" is there some concrete technical reason behing this decision? Lets say for the sake of science, that one whishes to find the source for one signle cookie? SAS is not showing as you say, so left on my own devices; how can I still find the origin of this cookie in question?
  3. As always, very happy with SAS and nothing to complain. Although this question is driven by pure curiosity, rather then alarming nature from some problems… Nevertheless, I would like to hear some explanation that perhaps, might be of use to other SAS users as well. If I have missed something, please forgive me for I have really tried to find something like this while searching your topics. Is there some more elaborate way for me to "link" so to speak, some data origin source from Tracking Cookies that SAS provides as result, after Scan is finished? I’m certain, this is benign as most of the cookies are. But for example, I tend to always have in SAS’s findings this Tracking Cookie : www.higfi-stats.de For life of me, I can’t find any reference on google about the same. Absolutely nothing, whether groups/sites/forums. So my question is : How can SAS user (besides googling) find the source origin of one cookie? Specially, when the same is not mentioned anywhere in depths of web communities. Thank you for your time and insights you might provide
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