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  1. Yes I do have the SAS icon in the tray. Also, I did use the SAS un-installer to previously remove the program prior to re-installing SAS. Don't know what else to try......................... appreciate your input, thanks.
  2. Yes, that option IS (& has been) checked in SAS Preferences/scanning. I also use AVG & Malwarebytes Anti-malware. These, as well as other functions, are available in the short cut (right click) menu. SAS used to be right there with the others......... not any more???
  3. Using Win XP I am not able to select "Scan with SuperAntiSpyware" when right clicking on a file that I want to scan. This option used to be included whenever I would right click on a file to be scanned. A while back I had a "bout" with some spyware intrusion & after getting rid of it have not been able to get SAS to show up in the shortcut menu (right mouse click). I have tried about everything that I could think of to get it back but no luck thus far. I uninstalled SAS & re-installed it thinking that maybe that might do it but......... still no luck. I have to go to the desktop & activate a scan on individual folders in order to get a scan on a single file. It used to be much simpler just right clicking on the file & selecting "scan with SAS" from the short cut menu. Hopefully its just something simple that I'm not aware of to get it to "re-appear" in the short cut menu. Any help appreciated.
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