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  1. Good morning, and thank you for all your replies. I've indicated them to the person who now has the computer (no longer me). Have a good day, tam tam magique
  2. Good morning Danc20, And thanks for your help. I let SAS run all night, it found and deleted a lot of other junk, but not that persistant Green Shield... So I am looking into the other ideas you recommended. Have a good day, tam tam magique
  3. Hello to all, I am trying to fix my Mom's computer which seems to be under attack by many nasty things. A lot has been deleted by Superantispyware and Malware Bytes, run both in safe and normal modes. But a lot remains! For example, the current scan (EXTREMELY long, now going on 12 hrs) shows AdWare.Tracking Cookies (37), MalWare.Trace (1), Trojan.Agent/Gen-IEFake (10), and Trojan.Agent/Gen-IExplore[Fake] (5). IE explorer windows for cheeky websites and fake antivirus alerts are popping up like crazy, I just ignore them and let your program do its thing...But just wanted to ask, if anyone is out there...is this normal or should I stop it and try my other ideas (hijackthis and tdsskiller) Crossing my fingers that i'll get an answer, and thanks! tam tam magique
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