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  1. Hi, I would like to just make aware of two possible false positives. The files should be part of two normal programs, unless it has been added or corrupted of course. However, these are on my school's computers, which reset all settings/defaults so that nothing can implement itself in the computer, ideally. Trojan.Agent/Gen-Kryptik is located in C:\Exploring The Nardoo\Uninst\Fienu.dll. It should be part of the program Exploring The Nardoo does not seem to be malicious. The second is Trojan.NET-AVP/AVT and is located in C:\Mavis_5\Setup\Autorun.exe. Mavis beacon should not be malicious. Thanks!
  2. I appreciate it, Thanks for hearing me out .
  3. Hi Dragon, That sounds really odd. Is your regular XP clock working? I know there was a time I used Mbam for a while and every time I updated it changed my clock. I had to manually fix it and it stopped after a while. Perhaps your clcok is off and SAS determines its update date off of XP's date?
  4. Hello Tam Tam, I am in no professional position to help you with your problem, but I'll give your situation a few words. My best guess would be that the amount of processes being run by the nasties you have on your computer is not letting SUPERAntiSpyware have enough CPU to scan fast enough (Ex: all the IE tabs opening). Thus the long 12 hour+ scan! If you are still running SAS and you are near completion I would let it continue to run and finish, or if not just cancel and clean the infections it found. However, if you are having to repeatedly scan and remove things, that could be a sign that you are being reinfected either by the nasties or separate personal downloads or browsing the internet. Unless someone qualified to remove malware steps forward here, you might need to seek some specified help. I suggest the free to use website GeeksToGO. Follow the instructions in the pinned topic "Malware and Spyware Cleaning Guide" and tell them what you said here. They should be able to clean you up. By the volume of your infection it sounds like you need to use more than one tool, including checking for rootkits, which GeeksToGo will guide you through if they deem it necessary. My suggestion would be that, once you post for help, you disconnect from the internet until you receive help. The stuff on your computer could be trying to download more malware, which is an endless battle if you stay connected. Good luck.
  5. Hi, first off I love the software. It finds things that no other scanners find, which is absolutely wonderful to have use of that. Specifically and recently "rogue.pallidium", which was the source of my infrequent (uninstalling Google earth/running Combofix) redirect warnings from WinPatrol. No other program (Combofix, MBAM, Avira, Adaware, Spybot, HiJackThis, online scanners, etc) found this, so I'm really thankful. I would just like to suggest that flash drive protection be included in SAS's portable scanner. Flash drive's have recently become prone to infection by a new type of malware, which I'm sure you know. Since this is the case, I think it would be a good idea to include protection against these types of malware, especially since if SAS portable is being used on an infected computer then there is a high chance that the infection could contain something that could spread to a flash drive. I've seen one tool that did this (I think created by sUBs), but I'm not sure how it works. Perhaps you already do this, or it's not as bad I see, I don't really know too much about it, just thought I would throw that out there for the real experts . Thanks for listening, Daniel. Edit: The program is called Flash Disinfector and is by sUBs. The link for some info on it is here.
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