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  1. When trying to update, the download reaches 40% and then reads ' Downloading Updates (Mirror 1 ) - Failed. Tried it 3 times now with the same result. any ideas?:
  2. Thanks for the replies guys but enough is enough and this 'state of affairs' stops here and now.
  3. I cannot reply to the remainder of your post because quite frankly, it is, at this time, beyond my computer understanding.The reason for this may be that, as you suggest, I am a PEBKAC, or it may indeed be an ID107 error. I thought that it was because that I am, like thousands, if not millions, still computer illiterate. Have a nice Easter.
  4. Managed to run the programme in safe mode and as I have informed Support, the scan returned 0 items in memory, 0 in registry, and 10 cookies in the last field. All of these were I believe, deleted before the necessary rebooting after scanning.
  5. 1 Eventually got the programme to run and carry out a complete scan by right clicking on the 'beetle' down beside the clock. 2 Got this reply from support: "Please try opening the software in safe mode and run a complete scan" and really have no idea how to do this.Can anyone help please?
  6. Have downloaded version 5 via your e-mail response link and now cant launch the programme. When I double click on the desktop, nothing happens. Therefore, I cannot carry out the required scan.
  7. Not sure what my CSR number means Sean, and if it refers to my Registration number would it be safe to show it here?
  8. SAS stops working daily now and I am having to uninstall and reinstall daily too. Have asked Tech support for a solution and will see what happens. One thing's for sure, this state of affairs can't go on.
  9. Thank you for your quick and informative reply. Edit: Have downloaded the Uninstaller but note that my SAS is working again. Should I still proceed with the uninstallation and re-downloading? Edit 2: SAS stopped working again tonight so carried out your instructions to the full. Thank you once again for your help.
  10. In recent weeks a window has popped up saying that SAS has stopped working. How can I rectify this?
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