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  1. As time progressed other things were buggy on my machine so I went ahead and did a restoration with my Acronis. After an update and a scan the detection didn't occurr. I am not sure why it was happening before but at least it's running ok now. A couple of days earlier I did have one of those malware progs install itself and there wasn't a fix at the time. So I had to manually go in and find the virus and remove it. I did upload it for testing and it was found to be malware and an update was issued. I suppose that virus could have corrupted other files that I had not found and maybe that was where the false positive was coming from. Who Knows, All is well, for now anyway..... Thank you for all of the posts. I hope that I can return the favor one day. Happy Holidays, Mike
  2. I have been using Acronis for years as my backup client and has proven itself to be quite well. By the same token I have also been using SUPERAntispyware for just about as long and until now, this has never came up as a threat. The threat was described as "TrojanAgent/GenFakAV" which I am assuming to be described, as one of these crappy AV programs that will install itself on your machine then it wants you to make the purchase to get it off. In reality, the Acronis program in question is an automatic app that installs the license during the program install. Does anyone here have any pertinent info on this? Thanks, Mike
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