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  1. I ran safe mode scans with SAS, MB, and Norton 360. Nothing detected other than some tracing cookies. Should I consider myself clear or should I look into anything else?
  2. But if SAS quarintinted them they are no threat, correct? I'll try to do some scans today.
  3. The files: Trojan.Agent/Gen-ReLoader C:\DDT\TANDD\PASS.EXE C:\DDT\TANDD\PASSD.EXE C:\DDT\TANDD\REMVC.EXE C:\DDT\TANDD\REMVF.EXE C:\SOFTBATCH\PASS.EXE I've heard that Malwarebytes isn't very effective in safe mode because it's designed for use in normal mode.
  4. I'd like to make a major online purchase soon, but I'm not sure if my computer is compromised or not. I'm especially cautious because I don't have a credit card, so I'd have to use my bank account in conjunction with PayPal. I have Norton 360, SUPERantispyware, and Malwarebytes. I've had Norton for a while, and obtained SAS and MB about a week ago on the advice of others. I've run full system scans with them, updated them, etc. They haven't detected anything in the last couple days; however, when I did my first SAS scan last week it found and quarantined five infected files known as Trojan.Agent/Gen-ReLoader. Anyone familiar with it? SAS hasn't detected anything other than tracing cookies since it detected and quarintined Trojan.Agent/Gen-ReLoader last week. I'd like to do a scan in safe mode just to be sure I'm not compromised. However, I'm not sure how to do a scan in safe mode. I read something about BootSafe but I can't find it. I read that it was supposed to be something like start menu-> All Programs -> SUPERantispyware folder -> BootSafe, but I don't see BootSafe in the folder. Thanks for your help.
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