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  1. I would like to suggest that if the File Research Center finds something suspicious. I would like to know what files it wants to research. I would like to know what I am sending to you. And maybe a checkbox where I can choose which files to allow. Afterall they are my files right. I want to at the very least know what I am sending to you. Thank You and Best Regards Thomas
  2. The log does not say a thing about it. I don't have Comodo. I use AVG. I did run the scan "Find Out What's Running On Your Computer". I think what threw me off is the pop-up was hidden under everything on my desktop. I did not see it until I was shutting down the computer for the night. Also I don't know if the coders for SuperAntiSpyware reasd these forums or not. I would like to suggest that they tell you what files they are interested in. I don't want to send them any personal files. Maybe even some check boxes next to each file so you can choose which files they can have.
  3. I just installed super anti spyware today. I received a message a little while ago it says: "important: you have unrecognized files on your system. many times these files can contain spyware. would you like to submit these to our research center to analyze?". It did not say anywhere in the message or title bar that this message was from Super anti spyware. So I am writing to get some clarification. Is this the message that comes up when Super anti spyware finds suspicious files and wants to send them to the research center? I don't know if I am the first person to ask this but I am paranoid. And I know some sites may try to trick you into clicking ok. You may want to add your name to the title bar or something so I know who it is. Also if I allow your program to send these files do I get a confirmation if anything was found or not? Thank You and Best Regards Thomas
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