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  1. I had actually already tried that but the hang-up came when it was time to enter the registration code. the formaat of my code is XXX-XXX-XXXX while the entry for the code had four spaces.
  2. Thanks. That worked perfectly for my laptop. Both are running Vista. On the desktop, after exiting SAS, I discovered that my only SAS folder is for the free trial edition. Should I uninstall it or is there a way to upgrade it to the professional version?
  3. I tried the trial version, liked it, and upgraded to the 2-user Lifetime Professional version. I installed it on my desktop as the user and my laptop. A few weeks later, a message popped up on my desktop that there were updates to install. When I attempted to proceed, I received the message that only an Adminstrator can install updates. (I am the only person that uses either computer) So I logged in as the Administrator. But SAS was not listed as being installed so I installed it as an administrator, including the updates. Then I logged back in as the User. Again, the message about updates being available but not allowing me to install them. Then I fire up my laptop. The same message about updates. This time a new window pops up and says it's downloading a list of updates to choose from. The next day and the list is still empty. It never does list any updates. What can I do to resolve these problems?
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