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    Updates Won't Install

    I had actually already tried that but the hang-up came when it was time to enter the registration code. the formaat of my code is XXX-XXX-XXXX while the entry for the code had four spaces.
  2. SecureFred

    Updates Won't Install

    Thanks. That worked perfectly for my laptop. Both are running Vista. On the desktop, after exiting SAS, I discovered that my only SAS folder is for the free trial edition. Should I uninstall it or is there a way to upgrade it to the professional version?
  3. SecureFred

    Updates Won't Install

    I tried the trial version, liked it, and upgraded to the 2-user Lifetime Professional version. I installed it on my desktop as the user and my laptop. A few weeks later, a message popped up on my desktop that there were updates to install. When I attempted to proceed, I received the message that only an Adminstrator can install updates. (I am the only person that uses either computer) So I logged in as the Administrator. But SAS was not listed as being installed so I installed it as an administrator, including the updates. Then I logged back in as the User. Again, the message about updates being available but not allowing me to install them. Then I fire up my laptop. The same message about updates. This time a new window pops up and says it's downloading a list of updates to choose from. The next day and the list is still empty. It never does list any updates. What can I do to resolve these problems?