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  1. Hello, I have a serious issue. I purchased superantispyware 5.0.1136 today and tried to install it on a friends windows 7 machine after I used the portable version of superantispyware to clean viruses off the machine. The problem that i'm having is that windows 7 will not allow the exe. to run. I get this message. ".exe is not a valid win 32 application." Is there yet another bug on the machine? Please help! I want to get this issue resolved because my friend has already purchased this software and I don't want him to seek a refund.

  2. ok,

    I will try the tdsskiller from Kaspersky first. Thank you!

    The TDSSKiller.exe from Kaspersky worked great! This was the last symptom that I needed to resolve.

    I have purchased the professional version of Superantispyware and I'm also running malwarebytes on my machine now,

    so hopefully I won't have these issues again. Thanks everyone for your help!

  3. Hello,

    I want to tell you that I'm impressed with your product and I plan to purchase the professional edition. The Superantispyware free edition fixed my machine from most of the viruses that was on it. I only have one remaining issue that I need your help with because Superantispyware was not able to resolve this one.

    My Internet Explorer is able to connect to the network but sometimes when I go to a web site something takes me to another website. It hiijacks my browser. I noticed in one of your earlier discussions with a member that had the same problem that you instructed them to run combo_fix on their machine and this resolved their issues. Have you all added this fix into your product? I really would like to get this issue resolved.

    Thank you

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