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  1. JimBob59, Thanks very much. Greatly appreciated. In my case however I do not have the Taskman entry Value 0000 anymore. This must have been taken out with the last combofix run. However, this whole business made me think as to why I, and perhaps you two had this entry. I had a look on on my C drive and I do see that in June I did briefly download and install Sysinternals Suite which includes Process Explorer which is an alternative Taskmanager. I think this might have been the cause of my having this entry. I quote from this pdf link: http://preview.tinyurl.com/2v3p6fp Beneath the WinLogon key (listed previously) is a value named TaskMan that might be of interest to investigators because it allows the user to choose an applica- tion to replace the Task Manager.This value doesn’t exist by default but can be added. In fact, installing Process Explorer from SysInternals allows you to choose Process Explorer to replace the usual Task Manager. If the TaskMan value exists beneath the WinLogon key, you should consider this “suspicious” under most normal circumstances and investigate the application listed in the data thoroughly.
  2. Sorry to hear about it Presario2. I too am thinking of wiping the drive and reinstalling although I supposedly have cleaned out whatever that malware.trace....#taskman was with combofix.The first time I ran combofix I did not like what it was doing as clearly some files were completely benign but were quarantined. I then ran Gmer thinking there was maybe a rootkit but nothing was found. I then waited until the next day for the updated combofix and this time no files were quarantined and I had no problems with internet connectivity (the previous combofix scan quarantined tcpip.reg). Seemingly everything is all clear now, be it with Avast, Mbam, SAS, eset online scan. However, I still would like to know what exactly this is or was.
  3. You did not miss anything. I ran combofix now and it quarantied about 4 files, three of which I *know* as fact are clean. It also quarantied tcpip.reg which I am looking through now. I still am no wiser as to what has happened. Yes, I re-ran Superantispyware and I was "clean" but I do not know if I had malware to begin with. So I reverted back and am looking for a fix.
  4. Hi, I have not tried this yet but here is another person - today too - who has the same problem and supposedly he was able to have his problem fixed. Here is the link. Forget about the amazonaws.com part of his topic. Go to the first post. http://forums.majorgeeks.com/showthread.php?p=1565215
  5. I have the same, not having run SAS in a couple of weeks. Avast finds nothing, Malwarebytes finds nothing and neither does ESET online scan.I do not know if my situation is slightly different to you two but I go to the address .....Winlogon/ and I do not find any taskman key in there. But if I run SAS it will find it. Ask to clean and reboot and back it is. But I do not know what this is. I am hoping for a new update that will not show this problem Correction. I have the identical problem as I did find now the taskman key with a value of 0000
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