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  1. When I attempt to update my spyware definitions, I receive a message indicating my subscription has expired and needs to be renewed. However, I currently have a lifetime subscription account. How do I correct this? Thanks, Peter
  2. I update SAS each time before doing a scan and then remove the Gen Nullo file which appears each time, but with a different numerical value. I am using windows 7, 32 bit. Thanks for your help!
  3. For the past month I have been plagued by pop adware that will randomly appear, usually during startup. Scans by SAS indicate I am infected by: Rogue.Agent/Gen-Nullo[DLL] C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\12481871641.DLL Upon removal, the computer appears free of problems, but problems will often recommence some hours later, or during reboot. Subsequent scans reveal the same file, however with a different number. Clearly the file is replicating itself. Has anyone else experienced this, and how do I permanently remove the infection?
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