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    Applegate, CA -- a small jewel in the crown of the Sierras
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    Blues guitar - Acoustic & electric. A vocation really, not an "interest." Trying 2 BE my Les Paul or Strat, or Gibson 'f" hole jazz guitar, or one of my 4 acoustics. Or 2B more exact, 2 be or let the music that flows through them when "I" get out of the way, wash over & shape my thoughts & waking dreams.

    That & reading. Reading anything really but a good deal in the area of Jung & Campbell, as mentioned elsewhere. Again, a way to unwrap oneself from the tatters we tend to let cover us & get down to it. Yes? Yeah.
  1. No friends yet. Well, I'm a hermit anyway. Live in an "unincorporated" little spot in the Sierra Foothills. Nice place if U like talking to owls, the occasional bear, &/or the wild turkeys that show up from time to time. That's in lower case. Seen wild turkeys-heard them 2 when indulging liquid variety - 110 proof U know. That+some fumes & U may see 'bout anything. ...

  2. Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Bruno Bettleheim, & etc., 2 discover what's deepest down inside of us, those Alladin caves of secret 'jinn' & other spirits that haunt our waking lives tho we recognize them not lest we pay careful attention.

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