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  1. A friend of mine had his computer attacked with a malware program that said it would remove the malware if he paid a certain price. Anyway, I went on the internet to find a way to remove the malware; and when I clicked on a site promising to remove it, it then infected my computer, too. I had taken the bait. With both our computers infected, I called another friend that runs his own computer lab. He services, builds, and sells computers and networks world wide from a remote region in the Oregon Coast Range Mountains. He Told me about SuperAntiSpyware; and SAS cleaned those computers immediately. It not only cleaned the computers, it found trojans that I didn't know I had. (Cyber attacks like that reminded me, in concept, to the groups of little boys in Hong Kong that used to approach us sailors and squirt something like white paint on our shoes. Down the street another group of these homeless children would approach us and offer to clean off the paint for a small price. We felt sorry for those kids, and didn't get really mad at them, just irritated. We would have given them some money anyway.)
  2. As we move closer to totalitarianism, I wonder how much spyware originates from our own government, and from foreign countries? Control freaks have a hard time controlling the internet; they might as well be herding cats. So, if there are new restrictions on the internet, as the politicians are always talking about doing, then it seems to me that Big Brother will have to develop more, and more powerful, spyware. What do you think? I didn't submit this topic for a political discussion, or argument, but more about functional aspects of the internet, and what we will see in the future. Thank you.
  3. SuperAntiSpyware is so good that it makes me want to throw rocks at other company's software proclaiming to protect computers. I am totally pleased with it. It has saved my computer and my son-in-law's computer several times. It found trojans that other software couldn't, including AVG, which is my primary anti-virus program. What surprised me is how close SAS is from where I live. I live in Waldport, not too far from Eugene. I went to Eugene High School when there was only one; yes, I'm older than dirt. This is my first post; and I'll be posting again if I don't vapor-lock in the meantime.
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