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  1. I received an email yesterday from CNET Downloads that a new updated version of Super AntiSpyware had been released, Version 4.46.1000 and for me to update it. So I removed my older version from my Dell laptop which has WIN Vista Premium, then I went back to CNET Downloads and attempted to download and install the newer version, Version 4.46.1000 but I couldn't do it after 5 tries. I kept receiving this error message saying download unsuccessful, abort download so I did. I then went directly to the SuperAntiSpyware website and tried to do it from there, same problem, same error message. What could be causing the problem? My computer is a Dell Vostro 1510 laptop and the OS is Windows Vista Premium. Later in the day yesterday I was able to do the upgrade on my Dell Dimension 3100 desktop PC which has an OS of WIN Home XP with SP2 but I had no luck installing the newer version of SAS on my WIN Vista laptop. I kept receiving that stupid message, "ABORT DOWNLOAD". What could be causing this problem?
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