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  1. Thx for the response, i have them both on my system and they both seem to work properly, i just don't really understand how these malware got to the system, considering i run mse, malwarebytes and sas and i run pretty much all browsers/apps through sandboxie. All the programs are legitimate programs and i did read up on the trojan.goldun, weird how i have that on the system, considering i don't even buy or sell gold, lol.
  2. Hi, i would like to know if this is a false positive or not, for some reason it keeps showing up in the scan even after i delete and reboot the system. I did a Registry scan of the C drive and came across this Registry HKLM\SOFTWARE\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogin (Taskman -). I scanned it with the latest version of Superantispyware v4.46.1000 and got the same results with the portable version. I am running Windows 7 32bit Ult. Superantispyware only caught that one file. I am also the latest beta version of Malwarebytes 1.50 and it is detecting a Trojan.Goldun file located in c:\windows\CSC\v2.0.6\sm. I wonder if these two programs are conflicting with each other in any way. Both of these detections will reappear again after a reboot and rescan. Please let me know if it is a dangerous or false positive. TIA.
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