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  1. The desktop is clean I have tried to run the portable sas on both my clean desktop and infected laptop. the laptop has the fake security center pop up and It will not allow mw to run exe's even in safe mode. The Real Problem here is that SAS portable does not work anymore even on a clean pc. I have AVG rescue cd running on the laptop now and I am sure I can clean it without using SAS but I know that sas does a great job and am disappointed to find the portable app no longer works.
  2. the latest edition from http://www.superanti...ag=SAS_HOMEPAGE I cant seem to be able to post a screenshot but I just downloaded and tried to open it again with same results It does not open so I can not get a version number It just says it's outdated and to download a new version. ok clicking ok it opens a browser thad begins this evil loop of downloading again and no open. I did it twice thinking I had another issue. I hav also contacted a friend of mine running xp and he has the same issue.
  3. I have triad 3 different downloads of the sas portable scanner on 2 different flash drives to test my laptop. I also tried to run it on this desktop and I get a message saing that the definitions are outdated and to download a new version which then opens the website to download portable again. date and time on both machines are correct. laptop is infected with security center antivirus fake but desktop shows clean with mbam, Avg, and eset. Is the SAS portable no good anymore? I cannot install sas on the laptop without errors so that is why I wanted to use the portabe. laptop is a lenovo g550 win 7 32 bit home prem desktop is an MSI custom quad core amd and 4 gb ram win 7 ult 64 bit please advise
  4. Sorry for the misleading post I guess what I was asking is Where should I post to as far as logs and such. I am a newbie here but I am a tech and have a busy shop in Arizona. I had a machine with XP that got the AV8 infection and made it impossible to run any sacns, they would just quit. I ened up using Linux (Tux got a workout) and deleted the infection files and then was able to run scans. I must say that SuperAntiSpyWare is one of the better removal tools I have used. in combination with Malwarebytes and AVG I have been able to save Hundreds of machines. Please let me know What topic would be a good place to post to and I will. I have on I have not been able to get the machine to start windoze. it just shows the HHD running amock. no screen but a blinking cursor. I will slave that drive tomarrow and take a look with Tux.
  5. Is there anywhere on this forum to get help removing malware or rootkits? I have a doozy I need help with
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