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  1. Also Win XP Pro, Dell and I don't have a disc with me..
  2. Hey thanks for the quick response. I went into safe mode and I can get in. I rebooted and blue screened and looped back to the boot options. I did a system restore and it goes into windows. The bug I'm trying to get out is "Security Center" and "Internet Anti 2010 Pro" <--- this one I can remove. The "Security Center" is still there. Should I try the regular Sas? Thanks again ! Louisiana
  3. I'm having the same issue,I ran Sas portable last night and the computer loops when I reboot it. It goes to the choose a boot method, safe mode, last known good config, normal etc...I left it alone and did not try safe mode yet..wanted to do a little reading before I did so. Any input is really appreciated. Thank You !
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