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  1. i have sas pro ,also i have ms sec essentials they are ok together most of the time,,it seems the ms sec..does not do anything ,,do i realy need it????????
  2. i just downloaded superspywarepro to my back up pc {hp lap top}.my main pc [dell gx620}was hit by a trogan or virus???..i had just installed a new dvd on it,i went online to reg.it,when this was done a popup window appered which was a well done offer to buy and download an automatic driver update program.i assumed it was from the install disk for the dvd i had just installed.but it was not!!THEN like a dumb a@@ i opened it,BIG mistake....it has messed up my hd big time..i still have my desktop but the icons all look the same and will not work.superantispyware will not open ,system restore will not open..why was this not stoped by sasw ????????????/
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