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  1. Thanks for the information.. that is it exactly, they were all tracking cookies.
  2. Hello, First off, I have to thank S.A.S. for the free version. I use a few other programs and S.A.S. almost always catches spyware that the other ones miss. I've found it useful enough that I upgraded to the Professional version. My issue is this... I have S.A.S. running and the real-time protection enabled. After I have been online for a while I have run a scan, and S.A.S. has found spyware on my computer. Isn't the real-time protection suppose to prevent the spyware from getting on the computer in the first place? So far, the Professional version with real-time enabled is functioning just as the free version did: spyware gets on my computer while using the internet. And it gets detected and removed by S.A.S. only if I run a scan. The settings are: Real-Time Protection -enabled Notification -show alert window (play sound not selected) (first chance prevention not selected)
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