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  1. Thanks. I was able to successfully install SAS Free after using the uninstaller tool.
  2. I just installed SuperAntiSpyware Free on a newly built Windows XP Pro SP3 32 bit PC. I got an Windows error near the end of the installation saying that an error had occurred and that this program needs to close. SuperAntiSpyware seemed to be functional. However, I decided to do an Uninstall/Reinstall, but the Windows Add/Remove Uninstaller says that there is an error with the uninstall and do I just want to remove the entry in the Windows Add/Remove. I removed the entry in Windows Add/Remove, restarted the PC and tried to install again "over the top", but the installer appeared to get stuck in a loop for a little while. When I open SAS it says that there is a program update. When I choose to install the update it gives a description of the uninstaller being updated. How can I manually remove SAS so that I can do a clean install? Thanks in Advance.
  3. Yesterday, I downloaded the LinuxMint 10 RC ISO image and burned it to a CD on one of my Windows XP Pro PC's. Upon finishing the burn process, I opened the CD/DVD burner tray to remove the CD. Immediately I got some sort of message something about pyrun.exe and No Disk. I was unable to close the message. I tried to close it with Windows Task Manager but it still would not close. I wound up restarting the PC to get rid of the message. This morning I ran a scan with SAS Free and it said that it detected a Trojan in a Temp folder. I uploaded the two suspect Trojan files to VirusTotal and the only positive was SAS. I decided to Quarantine the suspect files with SAS. The suspect files showed LinuxMint icons. Is this a real Trojan or a false positive? After doing some research I found that these files most likely are part of the Wubi Windows Installer Program. Thanks in Advance. SAS Log: Trojan.Agent/Gen-UsrMgr C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\USER\LOCAL SETTINGS\TEMP\PYL11B2.TMP\PYLAUNCHER.EXE C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\USER\LOCAL SETTINGS\TEMP\PYL11B2.TMP\PYRUN.EXE C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\USER\LOCAL SETTINGS\TEMP\PYL11B2.TMP.EXE
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