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  1. Hi gang, I punched in my Pro license twice but it still says Trial Version. When I right click on icon in system tray it shows the gold key\Register. Any ideas how I can fix this?
  2. Thank you Seth, shot off message.
  3. It's been quarentined already. I'm sorry I haven't used it in a while so I never noticed the "Report FP". I can restore it and scan again. When a FP is reported do they let you know if it is or not?
  4. Hi Seth, Thanks for the link. Is this linked to our email address? The reason I ask is because I purchased the pro version quite some time ago and I have been through numerous email address's so I don't remember what they have on file but I do know it's not the current address.
  5. Hello, I just ran a full scan and it detected the above. I expanded it and it's linked to Microsoft Group Table Editor so I think it's a false positive. Can you look at this file to see if it is? Just give me instructions on getting the file to you. I'm running Software Restriction Policy and a limited account so I can't see how this could be. It actually detected two files and I know one is a 100% FP. It is my zoho mail account cookie detected as adaware. Hopefully we can clear the above up. Thanks
  6. Hello, I wasn't able to transfer my key cuz my system got wiped out so I need a key re-set. How can I do this? Thanks
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