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    OK. All updated. BUT I don't know what running a scan will accomplish. (I seriously doubt it's a bug, just a glitch.) Anyway, I will run the scan as suggested but will have to do it later. Thanks.
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    Thanks for answering. The small start up problem is that recently one of my drives (and external hard one ) isn't recognized for quite a while after the system boots. I'm not sure how long "quite a while", is but my backup app is set to delay starting for three minutes. Then, when it tries to run an automatic backup, it reports that the K Drive couldn't be found. If I wait, eventually, USB Safely Removes, reports that the drive is connected. Sometimes, in between these events, AutoPlay starts running. Weird. But, I guess the issue is NOT !SASWINLO.DLL. Thanks again for your help.
  3. I've been periodically experiencing a small start up problem on my XP System.I used WinPatrol this a.m. to have a look at the Startup list. At the top is !SASWINLO.DLL. What does it do, and why is it set to run at start up? I have the preferences box, Start SUPERAntiSpyware When Windows Starts, UNchecked. Thanks.
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