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  1. I got the V4.4.6.1000 as a normal automatic update. I guess they released it.
  2. Siliconman01 - Thanks for the response. As soon as I learned that the driver was from SAS I gave it permission through my FW. I kind of suspected it was for some of the reasons you gave. Thanks for the reassurance.
  3. Hi, On boot up I received a driver called Saskutil looking to be OK'd by my firewall. I did a Google search and it says it's a SAS driver. Would SAS be sending me an update to a driver called Saskutil? Coincidentally SAS has been slow to shut down for a while giving me a dialog box asking me if I want to end.
  4. Mine also is the last to load, and periodically has trouble shutting down when I shut off the computer. A dialog box appears saying that SAS isn't shutting down, do I want to end which I click and it shuts down.
  5. I am looking forward to the new GUI. We needed it. Nice job!
  6. twl845

    Hi Again

    I have been a SUPERAntispyware Pro user since 2007, and was registered on the forum since that time. However I have never had a problem with my SAS so haven't frequented the forum for a few years until now, only to learn that my ID and password wouldn't take. So I'm back re-registered. Looking forward to V5!
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