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  1. When I was using V4 I was able to remove the threads manually. After I upgraded to V5, the results window did not show up even I have UNCHECKED "Quarantine and remove infected files without prompting" option in Preferences. Is that normal? Would I be able to delete the infected files manually anymore?

    Below is my Scan Log, it said 380 File Threats detected, but were they removed? I went to Manage Quarantine option and only two files were shown there.


    SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log


    Generated 08/15/2011 at 04:25 AM

    Application Version : 5.0.1108

    Core Rules Database Version : 7561

    Trace Rules Database Version: 5373

    Scan type : Complete Scan

    Total Scan Time : 02:24:12

    Operating System Information

    Windows XP Home Edition 32-bit, Service Pack 3 (Build 5.01.2600)


    Memory items scanned : 548

    Memory threats detected : 0

    Registry items scanned : 40321

    Registry threats detected : 0

    File items scanned : 67383

    File threats detected : 380


    Any suggestions/comments are much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  2. I upgraded to v1116 last night to solve the 'missing bitmap' problem. I see that you have the 'Time Warp' too; your post indicates 1:39pm.

    There's must be something different in our PC's settings. Oh, well, I give up! By the way, it showed your post was posted at 7:56am.

  3. I believe FF V5.0.1 will open if you are still using SAS V 5.0.1108. But I doubt it will if you upgraded to V 5.0.1116. That's what happened to me. Now my FF V5.0.1 opens normally and no problem whatsoever. I just want to specify how did I know SAS changed Windows Registry Settings with V5.0.1116. When I uninstall it, my AD-Aware AD-WATCH program notified me that "sasuninst.exe" is trying to change my Windows Registry and asked me if I want to allow it or block it. I clicked ALLOW and SAS was uninstalled successfully.

    Again, that's what happened to me, may not happen to other users.

  4. I just got an update notification, it's V 5.0.1116, it wasn't in SuperAntispyware website yet. Maybe you can try to install that to see if it fixed the TS problem. Or you can wait until it appeared in the website and read the Release note. FYI, the version has problem with TS is 5.0.1108.

    I have just uninstall V5.0.1116 because somehow this version changed the Windows Security Registry settings of my laptop and prohibited my Firefox V5.0.1 from opening, at least in my case! So be aware if you are using Firefox 5.0.1 (I am not sure about other versions), once you upgrade to V 5.0.1116, it MIGHT NOT START! I have spent practically almost three hours trying to figure out why, and eventually found out SAS changed the Security Registry settings of my laptop. And SAS WILL NOT UNINSTALL even I used the ADD/REMOVE program of XP, I have to use SAS's own uninstall program (SASUNINST.EXE) to uninstall it, which also delete all the Security Registry settings it had changed. I reboot my laptop and reinstall V5.0.1108, now my Firefox V 5.0.1 can start normally again!

    So for you SAS Admin here, please notify SAS about this serious problem. It has wasted me a lot of time. Again, I don't know if that's a common issue or just on my laptop. Please reply to my post and let me know if it's SAS problem or my laptop, which I seriously doubt it's my laptop, since the problem happened right after I upgraded to V 5.0.1116.

    Well, I just can't win, problems seem come up every time SAS has a new version. When is it going to end?

  5. Thanks for the suggestion ... alas, I tried it and it didn't work ... but again, thanks anyhow ... and I'm glad what you tried worked for you ...

    I just got an update notification, it's V 5.0.1116, it wasn't in SuperAntispyware website yet. Maybe you can try to install that to see if it fixed the TS problem. Or you can wait until it appeared in the website and read the Release note. FYI, the version has problem with TS is 5.0.1108.

  6. Hang in there, we're currently testing a work-around that could resolve this for you. It's still using the updated scheduling interface, but doesn't require the Windows Task Scheduler be functional. This does mean that SUPERAntiSpyware has to be running - same as the 4.x scheduler. Assuming everything tests out OK, this fix will be in the next release. Our release schedule is accelerated while we get feedback from users about 5.0, so it could be as early as next week.

    I would like to post my latest status. I finally found a solution to the problem to solve the TS problem. Try the following procedures to see if that works for you. It does work for me and I uninstall V4 and then reinstall V5 (I do believe that you have to UNINSTALL V4 before you can install V5, otherwise V4 will remain, that's what happened to me). After you uninstall V4, do a SEARCH in your PC for SuperAntispyware and delete all the "Prefetch" files. After that, you can proceed to install V5 (it might ask you to enter your Registration key again).

    After I reinstall V5, I did a trial scheduled scanning a couple minutes later, and it actually STARTED SCANNING! I couldn't believe it! Anyway, here are the procedures and I hope it'll work for you too:

    1. Double click on MY COMPUTER

    2. Click "Local Drive C"

    3. Open WINDOWS folder

    4. Look for "Tasks" folder and rename it to "Tasksxx"

    5. Close the WINDOWS folder and reopen it again, Windows should automatically create a NEW "Tasks" folder

    6. If it does, you can go ahead and DELETE the "Tasksxx" folder

    7. Close all windows, again, RIGHT CLICK on MY COMPUTER

    8. Select Manage / Services and Applications / Services

    9. Right click TASK SCHEDULER and click PROPERTIES

    10. In the Log On tab, be sure the "Allow services to interact with desktop" is CHECKED

    11. Close Properties

    12. Click RESTART the service for TASK SCHEDULER

    13. Close all windows

    14. Open your TS and proceed any scheduled tasks you want, you should not get any error by then.

    You might want to try schedule a simple task before you actually uninstall/reinstall V4/V5 to make sure your TS works. Just because it works for me, doesn't mean it'll work for everyone.

    It seems a lot of steps, but believe me, it worth the time as now I can use TS again to schedule other tasks. If you have any question, feel free to ask me. I am not an expert, but I'll try to help since the above procedures do work for me.

    Good luck!

  7. I wasn't referring to you Silkphoenix.

    I too have an old PC and use XP; but even MS is ending support for it. Have you reinstalled(not fixed) it? I've had to do that many times over the years. Due to the trivial nature of this problem, I reverted to v4 until I read this thread.

    BTW, it would make LESS THAN no sense to put XP on a new PC!!!

    I know you did not refer to me, but I addressed your comments on "Old and broken PC".

    It might not make sense to you to put XP on a new PC, but we are all different, aren't we? What fits you doesn't mean fit everyone else. I have several programs which can only run on XP, and they are very important to me. That's why I would not hesitate to put XP on a new PC if I need to. XP has been working perfectly for me for years and I am in no rush to upgrade to Vista or W7.

    To all the SAS Administrators who replied to this thread. Thank you for taking the time to look into this problem and as I said, I'll wait patiently for a solution and will not give up SAS as long as V4 is still being supported.

  8. It's clearly NOT SAS's responsibility to fix your old, broken PC; it's YOUR responsibility! If you don't have the 'know how' to fix it and you're not willing to get on a PC forum to learn how, then BUY A NEW PC!! And if you're not even willing to do that, then get your $ back and BEGONE!!!

    You are correct that SAS has no responsibility to fix a user's PC, however, I won't call it "old, broken". Maybe you think so because we are using Windows XP, you think it's old, like many Vista and W7 users do. It's a user's choice, nothing to do with the PC. I could have used XP in the latest laptop model if I want to.

    FYI, I have searched for the past six months to try to fix the Windows TS problem and have tried every solution I can find, still I couldn't fix it. I do not blame SAS to use Windows TS for their scheduled scanning, but at least they should also give the users of V5 an option to use their old scanning interface as well (in V4). I am willing to give SAS a chance to look into this problem, maybe they'll try to fix it. Again, I wish SAS Scheduled Scanning will stay independent of MS TS. I have used Ad-Aware, AVG, Spyware Terminator as well as Malwarebytes, all of their Scheduled Scanning are independent of MS TS and have no problems whatsoever.

  9. It's a long shot, but you could try a sfc /scannow before resorting to the repair install.

    I ran a programs called "MicrosoftFixit.WinFileFolder.Run". Do you know if that perform the same function? Anyway, since I have spent so many months trying to fix TS with no result, I basically gave it up sometime ago. But thank you for your advice though.

  10. The only thing I'm not sure about, is if enough of XP will be replaced to fix the issue.

    I know this out of the topic. But I am really surprised that MS does not have a solution to solve the TS problems (Error Code- 0x8007007a) since there are many XP users have that problem. MS has all kinds of solutions for other programs but TS is about the only one seems can never be fixed.

  11. As a test, have you tried disabling your real time security? If you do temporarily disable all internet security, disable TS first, then enable it after the security is disabled.

    Other than that, I would run a repair install of XP. It's easy to do even if you don't have an XP cd. Let me know if you decide to go this route and need assistance with it.

    Thank you. I have already tried disabling all of my real time security and still get the error message when trying to add a new schedule in TS.

    I do know how to do repair install of XP but that will be my last resource, since it'll take quite a bit of time to do so (installing all the Windows Updates, etc.).

  12. Try turning TS OFF for 15min.


    Also check Administrative Tools/Component Services to make sure there are no other instances of TS.

    Hope that helps.

    Thank you, but already did all those and didn't solve the problem. I basically have tried ALL the solutions that were suggested and none of them solve the TS problem. I did CHKDSK, SYSTEM RESTORE, create NEW USER ACCOUNT, no good.

  13. It's amazing that, according to SAS, so many computers are out there with corrupted Task Schedulers even though at least some of them (two in my case) have never been touched in any way and continue to work in scheduling other programs and functions. One also must wonder if SAS beta tested at all their new Task Scheduler way of scheduling and found no problems with any beta tester or, if SAS did, it just chalked it up to corrupted Task Schedulers out there all over the place.

    PS: Here is another suggested work around: While setting SAS to scan on startup, booting up will be slowed down. But one can delay the startup of SAS so that everything else boots, and then SAS boots up and, if set to scan on startup, should then start a scan. That said, I'm just staying with V4.56 (although one has to be careful not to download and install the program addition that installs V5).

    Gene -- I have thought about the work around you suggested but decided not go to that way since that'll slow down my laptop a lot while SAS is scanning (I tried that once and found that out). That's why I always schedule the SAS scanning after midnight while I am not using my laptop.

  14. The issue with your TS may be caused by the lack of an account password. The easiest way to determine that is to try my suggestion.

    If indeed your TS manager problems are due to file or registry corruption, then of course that's outside the realm of SAS support.

    I already have a password set up for my laptop. I understand that the problems with TS is outside the realm of SAS Support. If you read my post, you'll notice that I did mention that I DO have a problem with my TS. That's why I made the comment that SAS should have their Scheduled Scanning independent of MS TS, like in V4 and before. I have tried for months trying to fix the TS problem, but unfortunately, no solution was ever found and many Windows users are stuck with the TS problem without any other recourse. If anyone can find me a solution to solve the TS problem (Error Code-0x8007007a), I'll be forever grateful.

  15. No difference other than the password.

    As a test, create a password for your account, then edit the SAS tasks and add that password. Set the time for a couple of minutes in advance. If the task runs, we may be on to something even though it's just a work around. In the meantime, you can avoid the password logon with this: http://windowsxp.mvps.org/autologon.htm

    Your suggestion is only good for those who have no problem with Windows Task Scheduler. I believe for those who cannot use the Scheduled Scanning in V5 is because they are having problems with the Windows Task Scheduler (like myself). As I have mentioned several times before, if SAS have stayed independent (like in V4 and before) and not depend on Windows Task Scheduler, no one will have any problems with SAS Scheduled Scanning. SAS should give users an option to use Windows Task Scheduler to schedule the scanning or not, instead of forcing them to do so without any other option.

  16. Try disabling scheduled scanning from the SUPERAntiSpyware main window, then enable it again (uncheck/recheck). This will force all scheduled scan tasks to be deleted, then re-created in the Windows Task Scheduler. That error sounds like the task was corrupted or changed. We can't prevent users from making changes to the task after it has been created by SUPERAntiSpyware. In fact, we intentionally leave it alone unless the user modifies or disables the task from within SUPERAntiSpyware. This allows power users to further tweak the scheduling options beyond the functionality exposed within the schedule options in SUPERAntiSpyware.

    As an old saying "If it's not broken, why fix it?". I still think SAS should have left the Scheduled Scanning option alone.

  17. :?: How about an user selectable option?

    If SAS already has the core code for these routines, why not make it a choice like this:

    __ Use the limited, but very reliable, built-in SAS scan scheduler.

    - or -

    __ For more advanced scheduling needs, use your operating system's task scheduler (Windows Task Scheduler)

    I forgot to address the other reason you stated: "the ability to wake a computer from sleep to perform a scan". There's no problem for V4 to do so because my laptop always go to sleep after 10 minutes and SAS was able to wake it up to do the scheduled scanning in V4. So it's not a new feature.

  18. SUPERAntiSpyware 5.0 does require your system be configured to have a functioning Task Scheduler to utilize the scheduled scanning and update options within SUPERAntiSpyware Pro.

    The switch to using the Windows Task Scheduler is a significant upgrade in functionality compared to the 4.x scheduler. Two of the most requested features for SUPERAntiSpyware 5.0 were to allow for multiple schedules and the ability to wake a computer from sleep to perform a scan.

    For us to upgrade the scheduler with these features, we had to change the scheduler. We decided to use the Windows Task Scheduler rather than spend months developing and testing a service that would simply duplicate the exact behavior of what is already installed on everyone's computer. It's not unusual for an application's features to be designed around the premise that the system is working correctly and required services aren't disabled or broken. For instance, you can't disable the Windows Print Spooler service then blame your document software for not printing.

    I understand your frustration but for now there's nothing we can do to help remedy the problem if your Task Scheduler is not functional. For the time being, SUPERAntiSpyware 4.x will continue to get definition updates if you decide to downgrade to use the old scheduler.

    As always, we appreciate customer feedback will be keeping track of the requests to not use the Windows Task Scheduler. Thank you!

    "The switch to using the Windows Task Scheduler is a significant upgrade " -- I respectfully disagree about this statement. For using the Windows Task Scheduler, you only bring in more problems to SAS since Micorsoft softwares do have problems at all times which is beyond users' control (because of its registries and also vulnerable for being hacked . If the "multi-schedule" is the only reason SAS decides to use Windows Task Scheduler, it's not logical. I have used many programs that have scheduled tasks which do not need Windows Task Scheduler and they all work perfectly. For depending on Windows Task Scheduler, you only bring in more problems to SAS. SAS should be independent of itself and should not depend on anyone else to run properly, that's my opinion. SAS has been running perfectly for 4 versions and unfortunately, V5 is going backward. Again, SAS should not depend on Windows.

  19. I uninstalled V5 and scanned for leftovers and found about 56 items including the two prefetch and the two C:Windows\Tasks supposed SAS scheduled tasks, which wouldn't delete immediately, but did upon rebooting. Now I have SAS V4 installed and the scheduling works perfectly. Thanks, Wayne ...

    PS: I did a customer support ticket to SAS on this issue. I do NOT get any sense that they are taking it seriously, or have a clue what's wrong, or have any idea how many users with paid licenses are affected by the problem. I have not heard back on my support ticket for two days. The only response I got told me to uninstall and re-install which did not help. Here is all that is said on the website, which is not helpful:


    I doubt if SAS will fix this problem since it seems it only affects those XP (maybe Vista also) users that have problems with their Task Scheduler, which I do. For those users whose Task Scheduler works fine will not be affected (my friend who has a Paid version 5 with XP, his scheduled scanning works fine). As long as SAS still supports V4, I probably will stay with it.

    PS: I have also submitted two tickets to SAS Support and didn't hear from them for two days. I believe the some people received those tickets are the same SAS Administrators that answered our posts in this forum.

  20. I did not do the detailed clean up after the install as you did. So, I might have some leftovers. Does that present a problem? Do you know what the file names of those two prefetch files are/were?

    The ver 4 I'm running now seems to be working fine :-)

    BTW: Thanks for your help on this. I hope this thread will help others with this issue, too.

    I don't think so since you said V4 is running normally. I am just a normal user like you so I can't say for sure. But as long as V4 works as it did before, I don't see any problem. If you want, you can search your PC for "Superantispyware" to see if there are any "prefetch" files (I delete them already and don't remember what were they). If there are only two, then you should be ok as I think they will be updated as soon as you reinstall SAS.

  21. Yup - Duh! :blink: Right after I posted that, I re-installed the downgrade again. This time I did not put in my reg number at the install prompt, and then was presented with that old familiar screen with the scheduling option. Looks like the un-install did not clean up everything, as the application retained my reg info.

    Let's see if the scheduler works with the newly installed old version 4 ... (tic, toc - tic, toc...) Oh, sweet! It worked! :-)

    As in this case, seems that NEWER is not always BETTER. :P

    Again, I'd like to ask that the SAS developers please look at this issue and resolve it. I would really like to enjoy the faster scans of version 5.

    Yes, you are correct for saying that the "uninstall did not clean up everything". For others who want to downgrade to V4. After you uninstall, search your PC for "SuperAntispyware" and delete all the leftovers (I found two which are "prefetch" files"). You have to delete them too in order to remove V5 completely before you install V4.

  22. I just did the "downgrade", and even with my registration number entered and accepted, there is no longer an interface for scheduling scans under the "Scanning Control" tab.


    I rebooted to see if that would help. No dice.

    Any suggestions?

    After you downgraded to V4, you should have the old interface back (see attached)? Did you?


  23. 1. The problem is getting worse. This morning when I booted up the Task Scheduler produced an error message saying it had missed the scheduled SAS update. So, now we're getting notices that Task Scheduler is not working that do no good.

    2. I too share the frustration with SAS and am considering to revert to V4 (or asking for my license fee back because scheduled updating is the big difference between the free and paid version). But what I'm unclear about is will V4 update definitions without also updating and converting to V5.

    Since I have just downgraded to V4, maybe I can answer your question. The definitions will still be updated as usual. However, you'll receive (at least I do) a notification periodically saying an "update" is available and asked you to install it. That's the V5 UPDATE, not the definition! If you do not want V5, do not click it, just close the notification.

    After I downgraded to V4, scheduled scanning works as before. I hope this helps.

  24. I am experiencing the same issue.

    Ever since the upgrade to ver 5, scheduled scans will not run.

    Running Windows XP as admin. I've messed around with the windows scheduler trying various configurations with/without passwords, etc.

    I've tried setting up the scan to run as a quick or complete - no difference.

    I find it really very frustrating that a updated version of an application is delivered with this kind of flaw - especially when it worked as it should in the last version. This is a program that needs to run as an automatic scheduled scan in order to be most effective.

    PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS ISSUE FURTHER. I'm sure many users, like me, have not realized the scheduled scans are not running. It took me a few days to notice.

    I'd like to revert to the previous version until this issue is corrected. How do I go about doing that?

    I have decided to go back to version 4.55.1000 as doing manual scanning is such a headache for me. I'll upgrade to v5 as soon as SAS fixed the problem (or if I can fix my Windows Task Scheduler problem). You can get the v4 here. The download link is for the FREE version, but once you enter the Registration Number, it'll change to the Professional version instead:


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