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  1. ignorant-noob -- I don't know if this problem is idential to yours, but it sure looks like. So go to this thread and read about it to see if it'll help your problem: https://forums.superantispyware.com/index.php?/topic/7434-problem-with-shortcut-superantispyware-wont-open-help/
  2. Asrial -- I received a reply from SAS Support and they have no problem for me to post the "ForceUpdate" file. They suggest me to post this link instead as well as a description of its purpose: http://cdn.superantispyware.com/SAS_ForceUpdate.exe This tool will download definition updates, displaying more robust error information than SUPERAntiSpyware does to better diagnose connection or disk errors. It will then perform an application update to replaces outdated or missing files. It also resets the list of applications to delete on restart for cases of erroneous detections.
  3. Asrial -- Yes, I tried all of the above. I am more than willing to attach the "ForceUpdate" file in my reply but am not sure if that will violate SAS policy since it was sent to me via my ticket. I'll contact SAS Support and if they have no objection, I'll do so. Will keep in touch. Latest update: So far, my SAS performs normally without any issues.
  4. Asrial- I have tried the "uninstall" and "install" options already and unfortunately, they did not work. My SAS still disappeared. I contacted SAS Support and yesterday, they sent me an "updated" version of their program called "SAS_ForceUpdate" (referred to my May 31 post). This morning, after I reboot my laptop, my SAS still works! I'll wait for a couple more days to see if it finally fixed my problem and will post another update by then.
  5. Even though the program SAS Support sent me did restore my SAS. However, my SAS kept disappearing evey time I reboot my laptop. I have to use the program to restore it back. I have issued another ticket to SAS Support and will report the outcome as soon as I hear from them. Something is broken in my SAS.
  6. The SAS Support Rep sent me a link to restore the application, now it's working normally again. If yours haven't been fixed yet, you might want to go to SAS website and clicked "Contact Us" so they can issue you a ticket and look into the matter.
  7. I have the same problem too. I have nightly scan scheduled. This morning, there's no report on my screen and I couldn't see the SAS icon in my System tray as well. So I tried to open my SAS and it said the shortcut is no longer work. Like the first poster, I can find the SAS in my Program Folder, but none of the application worked. I tried to reinstall my SAS Pro, it said installation was successful. But when I tried to open it, it said the shortcut is no longer work. Again, I tried to reinstall SAS Pro, it said I need to uninstall the previous version before I can install the new one, so I did. Again, the same problem, shortcut does not work and program cannot be open. Please let us know what's going on. I have SAS Pro version with Windows XP SP3. Thank you.
  8. I am using SAS Professional Lifetime Subscription version with Windows XP, Firefox, IE and Chrome. More and more, SAS has slowed down my browsing with all three browsers. I have been watching the Task Manager and found that whenever I go to different sites, SAS becomes very active and sometimes went up to 300MB which causing my browsers inactive for a few minutes. That's very annoying! I really hope SAS will eventually find a way to solve this problem. I do not want to disable SAS Rea-Time protection, because that's one of the reasons I bought SAS. Does anyone has any suggestions/comments to solve this problem? Thank you.
  9. Could someone please tell me if it is possible to find out how many files were scanned with my SAS Scheduled scan? I want to compare the number of files being scanned. Last night my scheduled scan took almost 10 hours to finish. I want to compare the number of files scanned last night to the one before that which only took 3 hours to scan. I am going to uninstall/reinstall SAS to see if this problem goes away. It is really annoying. It seems every time SAS has an upgrade, there's always some problems.
  10. Sorry to let you know that your comment "The new installer will actually remove the old version automatically" is not really correct. I know that because that's what I did last time I have to uninstall/reinstall my SAS. At first, I just reinstall my SAS, but the problem still exists and I came to this forum and found that I need to completely uninstall the old version, search my hard drive and delete all the "leftovers", then install the SAS again. By then, the problem went away. Yes, I have "scan boost" check under "Low Boost". I have been using Complete Scan with Low Boost scan ever since I used SAS (also have "Scan inside .ZIP archives" checked). As I mentioned earlier, most of the times, my scheduled scan complete without any problems. But occasionally, it did. The problem is it took a long time for the scanning (didn't crash because the scan is still running). Usually takes about 2-1/2 hours and occasionally, it takes over 6 hours. If I cancel the scan (or stop), it went to Home window immediately which prohibit me to delete all the detected threats, and I have to start the whole scanning all over again.
  11. I did another complete scan this morning and it took almost 7 hours to finish. But it did finish the scanning and I was able to delete all the detected threats (81) and there were about 140000 files, 40000 Registries scanned. I haven't added any new programs or files for two days and the night before, the complete scan finished in about 2-1/2 hours. Does anyone know why today took so long while the one before was so much faster? I am sure the number of registries and files scanned are not that different. Any suggestions/comments are much appreciated. Thank you.
  12. It happened again last night. My SAS scheduled scan lasted almost 5 hours and still running, so I cancelled the scan and it went to the Home window instead of the window that lets me delete the detected threats. So this is the 2nd time this week. I am using the latest SAS 5.0.1136 and all definitions are updated. I do not want to uninstall and reinstall because I did it just two months ago when I was having problems with my scheduled scan. I remember at that time I have to uninstall the old one first, then search my hard drive for anything that has relation with SAS and deleted them all (the uninstaller did not delete everything of SAS from my hard drive), then reboot and reinstall SAS. I just don't have the time to do all these steps all over again and do not want to do it every one or two months. Does anyone have such symptoms or just me? It seems every time I upgraded my SAS, there's another problem come up. Any suggestions/comments are much appreciated.
  13. Thank you for the responses. Well, this situation does not happen all the time. It only happens twice in the last two months. I'll wait and see what happens before I uninstall/reinstall since I don't want to go through entering my registration key again.
  14. At times, when my scheduled scanning (complete) took too long, I need to either stop or cancel the scans. But if I do that, I was not able to remove the detected threats because the "Remove Threats" window did not show up, it went to the Home window instead. Could someone please tell me how can I remove the detected threats if I decide to either stop or cancel the scans? As of now, I have to restart the complete scan all over again and then wait until the scan is finished so I can remove the detected threats. Any comments/suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you.
  15. You might want to post the error message here so the SAS Administrators/Moderators in this forum can look at that to see what is the problem.
  16. R Cooper, The latest version is 5.0.1118. Please go to Page 6 and read SAS-Dave and Gene's posts dated August 17.
  17. I just want to post my latest status. I scheduled my complete scanning at 3am and have the "without prompting" UNCHECKED. When I went to check the result this morning, the report was on my screen and I was able to remove all the threats manually. So everything seems to be back to normal again. Thank you for everybody's help here.
  18. Gene, My TS problem was solved before I upgraded to V5.0.1116(by using the procedures I posted earlier.) So I couldn't tell you if V5.0.1116 will solve your TS problem or not. The only thing I can suggest if for you to upgrade to that and see what happens. Sorry.
  19. While I do believe in UFOs and Aliens, this seems more like an "X-File" to me. I just upgraded to V5.0.1116 and rebooted my system. Firefox V5.0.1 opened normally without any problems. I checked the Windows Security and SAS Registry Settings and they were identical to those when I had V5.0.0018 installed. So don't ask me why and how, it seems everything is back to normal again. Maybe I was abducted by an alien last night and they put all those problems in my head, which is all but a dream.
  20. I checked both the Schedule Settings in SAS as well as Windows TS, both of them only have one Scheduled Scanning listed. I have just upgraded to V5.0.1116 and have the scanning scheduled at 3am. I'll see what happened tomorrow and post my status here. Thank you for your input.
  21. OK, Thank you. I'll post my status after I upgraded it to 5.0.1116.
  22. No, Ad-Aware didn't offer me the option to look at the Registries. It just said "sasuninst.exe" is trying to change my Windows Security Registry and asked me if I want to allow or block it. I clicked ALLOW. I do believe security settings have relation to FF open or not, it could block a program from opening, that's what "Security" mean. I have made jpgs of the Security Registries for V5.0.1108. I'll upgrade to V5.0.1116 again and if FF still won't open, I'll make jpgs and compare with the old ones to see if changes were made.
  23. I did another scan right after the above one because I thought the scheduled scanning didn't start since I didn't see the scan results as I normally do (which I should have checked the Scan Log first). The 2nd scan did not find any threats, and was clean. So it seems like the threats in the 1st scan did remove all the threats. Any other comments would be appreciated.
  24. TS has been fixed, so no need to run a XP repair. FF won't open right after I upgraded to V5.0.1116 because it changed my Windows Security Registry Settings (see my last post) which prohibited it from opening. Once I downgraded to V5.0.1108, my FF V5 opened! So obviously, it's SAS problem, not my PC! Your FF run is probably because we have different PC settings. Did you read my post about Ad-Aware notification when I uninstall V5.0.1116?
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