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  1. I am running the latest version of Norton 360 and do regular updates (multiple times/week). I have a 2 year subscription and have 197 days remaining on that subscription. Thanks for listing the link to the Norton forum. I’ll do a search there as well. I tried turning off the Norton firewall and anti-virus auto protect to see if I could access the websites, but with no luck. I actually found an article that talked about re-setting the IE settings back to default so I had done that, again without any change in the problem. One thing I did do that allowed me to access the problem websites (which I am hoping did not, or will not cause any issues) is use website www.the-cloak.com. Posts I found made it seem that this was a legitimate website. I hope it is. Doesn’t a website like the-cloack.com simply mask an IP address? Does this help narrow what the problem could be? Will the CCleaner accomplish something Norton 360, SAS and Malwarebytes will not? Just curious before I install the program. Also, I am using Vista Home Premium, service pack 2.
  2. So you're the second person to recommend getting rid of Norton however I am looking to see if anyone is familiar with the issue I have. Is it a rootkit? Is it something else? Any ideas on how to fix it? I have had Norton for a year and a half. I have had my computer for a year and a half. I have had no problems until this week so I am pretty sure its not Norton causing the problem...
  3. I've had Norton on my computer for about a year and a half, which is how old my computer is. I've never had any issues whatsoever. So I would then believe it was doing its job. Are you implying Norton is the issue? If so, why, and could you also explain what ESET NOD32 will do better? Thanks for your input
  4. Yes, I've tried Firefox with the same issues I experience on IE. Browsing seems slower for the most part on some other websites but not all. Some websites dont load completely or do so very slowly. For example, on facebook, certain icons dont load and have a graphic in their place. This seems sporadic though. A local newspapper website takes about 2 minutes to fully load, whereas in the past its loaded as soon as I hit enter. Even though the stories load completely, it seems that some of the ads on the page dont load as theres a message in the place of the ads that says "page could not load" similar to www.linkedin.com or even www.aol.com. There may be other symptoms I am just not seeing. Anything in particular I should be looking for?
  5. Another piece of information, when I open a new IE and start browsing, in the norton safe browsing search box on the top task bar it says "enter location". I assume this has something to do with my problem as well and might help with diagnosing the problem...
  6. I need help... I dont know a lot about these things but after browsing this forums for potential issues I think I have a rootkit. Here's what's happening. There are a few websites that just dont load. For example, www.linkedin.com. When I try to access this website I get "internet explorer cannot display this page". Another webpage that gets the same message is www.allrecipes.com. A local radio station, www.kqrs.com, redirects to www.comcast.com and has "www.kqrs.com" in the search bar with the results for that search. Does this soung like a rootkit? How do I take care of it? I've downloaded the trial version of SAS so far (I have Norton 360 and Malwarebytes and neither found anything). Sorry for any ignorance on my part... Thanks for your guys help in advance.
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