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  1. His reply - "After speaking with the developers; it seems that there is a problem the administrator access in Windows 7 64 bit, and will be corrected with the next release. Thank you for your time and patience."
  2. Hi again Seth My point was that Sean seems to be giving contradictory solutions to this problem: to me he is saying uninstall Avira and try again, but siliconman above quotes him as saying it's a bug which with Windows 7 64 bit which they are working on for the next release os SAS. I don't want to go through the hassle of uninstalling Avira, trying a scheduled scan, then reinstalling, if it's not going to work anyway because it's some kind of compatibility bug between W7 64 bit and the current release of SAS. Regards Alan
  3. But in reply to my support submission Sean is saying: "The problem lies then with Avira, try uninstalling it then see if auto-shutdown works."
  4. Thanks for your support, Seth and siliconman. Now over to SAS support, I suppose. Maybe this is a problem with Windows 7 and scheduled tasks - I'm running Auslogics Disk Defrag and this will not START a scheduled defrag, although it will shut down automatically at the end when finished. No reply from their support on this at the moment. Regards Alan
  5. Hi Seth Sorry forgot to mention - I'd already searched event viewer and there was nothing pertaining to SAS. Latest from support: "Please try disabling all security programs except SUPERAntiSpyware, and see if it shuts down. (My bet is yes it will ) Regards, Sean Ormsby Director of Customer Service SUPERAntiSpyware" I disabled all the security programs. There were 4 Avira System processes which would not end: avguard.exe *32, avmailc.exe *32, avshadow.exe, and avwebgrd.exe *32. I got an "Access is Denied" message when trying to end these, even though I am logged on as an administrator. Again no automatic shutdown after a scheduled scan. Regards Alan
  6. Hi Seth From support: "Hello Alan, What happens when the timer hits zero? Are you running any other security? Regards, Sean Ormsby Director of Customer Service" When the timer hits zero the dialog box disappears. Security Programs: Avira AntiVir Premium Comodo Personal Firewall WinPatrol Sandboxie Alan
  7. Hi again,Seth. I've been submitting these posts in parallel to the forum and to support. I've followed the instructions to the letter and there is still no automatic shutdown. A stupid question: in the Shutdown dialog box in my previous post there are two buttons - "Shutdown" and "Cancel". I want automatic shutdown so I obviously don't click "Cancel". Surely I don't have to click "Shutdown" to achieve the shutdown? If I do the shutdown is not automatic, which defeats the purpose of automatic shutdown - being able to go away in the knowledge that the computer will shutdown without any intervention from me. So is the only purpose of the "Shutdown" button to shutdown before the 30 second timeout? Alan
  8. Still not shutting down - I get the shutdown dialog box - see attachment - but no shutdown
  9. Hi Seth - thanks for that. I'll try it and update next Saturday after the next scan. Alan
  10. I have scheduled a complete system scan to run weekly at 23:59 on Friday. In SAS Main Menu/Scheduled Scanning/Scan Options I have selected "Automatically shut down the computer after scan is complete". However, the computer has not shut down after the scan on two successive Fridays. I have a similar shutdown preference for my Avira Antivir Premium anti virus after it does a complete system scan at 23:59 on Saturday and it always shuts down, so it doesn't seem as if there is another process running which prevents the shutdown. I also have selected "Automatically quarantine and remove infected files" and "Check for Definition Updates before scanning". I have DEselected "Automatically reboot the computer if required to complete the cleanup" and "Do not show the user interface while scanning". Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit SuperAntiSpyware Professional 4.44.1000
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