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  1. Hey guys. So I bought SuperAntiSpywarePro for 1 computer. I have to do a System Restore. Will I still be able to use the code I have already used?
  2. Thank you, that worked
  3. Whenever I try and update it says I must be on an administrator account to do it. The thing is, I have the programme running as an administrator and my account is an administrator (and the only one on the laptop). Any ideas?
  4. Doesn't that mean that Critical Point does the exact same as First Chance except that Critical Point is manual and not automatic at shut-down/start-up? Both scan the 50+ critical points of your system really fast?
  5. Okay, thanks for the reply I am running windows 7 I usually do a complete scan when I head off to College and sort out anything bad when I get home since it takes 2+hours to do on my laptop. So I suppose that will make up for it. Edit: Found this quote from the preview of 5.0: Looks like the Critial Point scan = First Prevention, only you may have to do it manually (although I can see there being an option for start-up and turn-off).
  6. Hey I have just purchased the Professional version and I went to set up Real-Time Protection and First Chance Prevention. Real-Time set up perfectly, but First Chance didn't. The boxes are greyed out and I cannot tick them. Any ideas what is wrong?
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