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  1. Hi Seth ... Call me unnecessarily wary, but I didn't and won't click anywhere in that popup because I don't know anything about it. The only characteristic that might suggest it's legit is that all the words are spelled correctly. That ain't enough. ;o) EdP
  2. Using SASPro 4.51.1000 Core 6892; Win XP Pro SP3 Got an "update available" popup and assumed it was for a program update because I never get them for definition updates. There was no way for me to determine if the popup was legit or was some sort of infection, so I browsed to the SAS site and found there was indeed a program update. Instead of using the popup, I downloaded and installed the latest version (4.51.1000). Now, at boot time, the popup reappears. The program should "know" that an update is not necessary and should block that popup. How do I turn it off? Thanks, EdP
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