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  1. Upgraded to 4.47.1000 What would you like to log to cover and how to post here?
  2. Sorry.... it didn't do it again and I forgot about it until today when... it DID do it. No way to get into the Quarantine area to check this or to generate a log as the program totally hangs up. I have this set to scan daily at 0200 and by the time I get up and see the screen (0600) it has long since locked itself up. It's obviously the definition of "intermittent", occurring last on 10/10 and then on 12/26; a 77 day interval can hardly be thought of as frequent, especially when there is a daily scan set up.
  3. WIN XP SP3, Firefox 3.6.10 SAS 4.44.1000 Core5663 All proceeded normally this AM until it came time to quarrantine whatever nasties the programme found... got to (2) progress blocks in the bar and stopped dead. Waited 65 min and then restarted computer. Ideas?
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