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  1. Hi Everyone

    new to the forum so take it easy with me as I try to explain my problem. I have a Advent desktop PC running windows Vista which had been infected with WinAntivirus 2010. I was attempting to do a spyware/ malware check and was using SAS Portable and Malwarebytes to assist. I'm in safe mode, SAS portable runs for about 2 minutes and then stops with an error which it wants to report to yourselves. As I have no internet connection with this PC I cannot send the report. Malwarebytes runs for a while and then just disappears. I have also tried Hijack This, which closes immediately it starts and then is unable to be found. I have slaved the drive into another PC with internet access and carried out various online antivirus scans which all come back clear, I have also ran various antiroot kit programs all to no avail. I have also ran SAS portable and Malwarebytes that I have on the slave PC which seems to take forever and it finds nothing I think I have thrown everything at this infection without success and was wondering if the team or other members have experienced this problem and if the PC is recoverable

    Thanks in advance


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