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  1. It definitely shows 5.1.1002 - is it anything to be concerned about? Perhaps others can check theirs...
  2. Thanks, at least I have the latest version. Is there any reason for the discrepencies?
  3. My Pro appliction has just updated itself. However, I can see three different version numbers: Hovering over the icon in my taskbar shows 5.1.0002 The download and history web pages show 5.5.1006 The application home screen shows 5.5.1012 So which is the true latest version and which one do I have?
  4. Can anyone help wtih this, please?
  5. Thanks for your response. ActiveX filtering was already off, but I tried switching it on and off as per the link you provided. 1. When filtering is on, I get directly to the error page that I linked to earlier. 2. When filtering is off, I get the same page with the following message at the bottom of the screen: "The previous website wants to install the following add-on: 'sabspx.cab' from 'SuperAdBlocker.com'. [install]" I click [install] and then get returned to the error page. (Scenario 2. is what I experienced prior to posting here) The details on the error page refer to XP whereas I am running Windows 7 - could that be the problem?
  6. Hi, I tried to run this add-on in FF11 and it didn't work. I found this discussion and tried to run it using IE9 on Windows 7 and got this error screen: http://www.fileresearchcenter.com/whatsrunningerror.html ActiveX filtering is disabled. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Done. If it fails to update the next version I'll raise a CSR. Cheers all.
  8. Right, I'll try the re-install.
  9. Thanks Seth, how do I find out if I am running XP 32 bit or 64 bit?
  10. Thanks for your replies. I am running Windows XP.
  11. Hi, how do I do a manual software update of SAS? I received a prompt saying that a new version was available but when I clicked on the link nothing happened. Similarly when I right-click and select "Check for updates". I am running 4.43.1000 and need to update to 4.44.1000. Cheers, Willber
  12. When an error report was sent I'm sure that there was a message saying that somebody would be in touch if you included your email address (which I usually did). I wasn't aware that this forum was part of the formal support service. I have no real preference, is there an advantage with either alternative?
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