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  1. It seems strange that after almost a year there are no more details on this file. I'd really like to know what it is doing on my computer and if I should remove it?
  2. I found the file using the FileResearch function, not running SAS. This is what they gave me in the attached PDF file: See what\'s running on your computer!.pdf
  3. What is: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\XGOAKBGND.EXE? It was found by "What's running on my computer". Apparently it is in my startup menu. An online search turn up this, but nothing else: File Behavior XGOAKBGND.EXE has been seen to perform the following behavior: • Writes to another Process's Virtual Memory (Process Hijacking) • Executes a Process XGOAKBGND.EXE has been the subject of the following behavior: • Added as a Registry auto start to load Program on Boot up • Executed as a Process • Created as a process on disk • Has code inserted into its Virtual Memory space by other programs Country Of Origin The filename XGOAKBGND.EXE was first seen on Dec 29 2009 in the following geographical regions of the Prevx community: • Turkey on Dec 29 2009 • Germany on Dec 29 2009 Filesizes This file has been seen with the following file size: • 95,744 bytes
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