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  1. need to include this item as bug. hard to remove. in bho for ie. guess in registry. just google it and see the ways to remove . be nice if in sas. I removed so no files to send. people think it is part of avg av program but in search bar. want remove easy. thanks for product . not able to put three letters in your search bar so not able to search it.
  2. hi, got this on xp operating system and tried a few av programs to remove and sas. both didnt see it. spybot showed it but couldnt remove. so wanted to just see if sas can add this to there tools to remove. if you google it will the post on spybot forums with log of found registry item . just wanted to pass along. they do suggest a way on one topic using atf cleaner and moveit program to remove. but alot of others missing the fix. I think mine is fixed.
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