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  1. It is good to know that the portable scanner is updated with definitions daily, but not so good that to keep my system clean I will first need to devote about one hour of my Internet connection per day to downloading a file. The point I am trying to get across is that it is very odd that the SUPERSAntiSpyware Definitions Update application is not written so as to enable operation by keystrokes, like every other software application that I know of. Why cannot the OK button be actuated by the Enter key? Is there some reason why this basic feature is particularly difficult to code for the SUPERSAntiSpyware Definitions Update application?
  2. Thank you SUPERAntiSpy. I take it from your reply that there is no way to install spyware definitions without a mouse. At least there is a way for me scan my system using the portable edition, but it is a drag having to tie up my dial-up modem with an 11MB download every time new spyware definitions are released, rather than a 4MB definition installer file. Does the portable version get updated along with regular definition releases? I am wondering when and how often I will need to re-download the portable scanner.
  3. Windows XP Professional SP3 My mouse is not working, apparently due to some data corruption in my computer. I downloaded SASDEFINITIONS.EXE from https://www.superantispyware.com/definitions.html and ran the file. The application window titled "SUPERAntiSpyware Definitions Update" contained the following instruction: "Press OK to update and restart SUPERAntiSpyware" [OK] {Cancel]. However, I am unable to operate the OK button with either the Enter key, or any other combination of keys that I tried.
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