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  1. I have done the steps in that thread. I do not have system restore running on this machine. All the files I need replaced on this machine are in quarantine. When i click on the quarantine items window and try to restore a quarantined item from 8/27/10 scan it stays restoring items, please wait, then hangs up. If i choice another date's scan it will restore items fine. I need to restore all the quarantined files from 8/27/10. I've uninstalled and reinistalled SAS already, tried in safe mode. etc.
  2. working with SAS 4.27.1002 - Core: 5416 - trace: 3228 A client scanned his PC with SAS on 8/27/10, came up with Rogue.SecurityEssentials2010 and over 10,000 hits. I've researched this and it seems to be a false positive. All said and done, the client had SAS quarantine all these items and now programs are not launching etc. I went into SAS and navigated to Quarantined Items, found log from 8/27/10 and tried a restore. SAS then crashes after about 30 minutes, the process hangs as well. Any help with restoring these files would be great.
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