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  1. I have the pro version of SAS. A few weeks ago it started to have problems starting up on our laptop (win xp). It would take forever (like 10 minutes or more) before the splash screen went away and we could work on the computer. So I disabled it from startup. It also took forever to start up from the start menu so I've just been running a scan every so often. Then it started the same thing on one of our desktop computers (win xp). Now it's doing it on my main desktop (also win xp). Only on this one the splash screen goes away but if I try to start any program it freezes. The only way the program will open is if I go to the task manager and quit SAS from the processes menu. I was up for renewal on the 12th of this month but after this happening on 3 computers I'm not sure. I'm running the free version of Avast with it (the last version, not the current one). Both are kept updated. Any ideas?
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