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  1. Diff


    How do I configure SAS to delete cookies in firefox on exit?
  2. Diff


    Excite is nothing but spyware, but superantispyware doesn't detect one thing. My antivirus stopped them instead.
  3. Every time I get through deleting my Browser history in internet options Superantispyware box pops up and says a homepage change has been noted. It really isn't trying to change it to anything different, but it pops up every time saying so.
  4. Superantispyware pops up and says that somrthing is trying to change my homepage, but when I look and see what it is trying to change it to. it is still the same. does it after i get through clearing out my disk cache in internet options. Just did it out of the blue while it was just sitting idle.
  5. good question. I'll have to double check that!
  6. Is it my imagination or when I started using firefox, and Chrome I started to get twice as much spyware? I get over a 1,000 pieces of spyware, and most it is from Firefox and chrome.
  7. Diff


    what is Superantispyware protecting you computer from exactly? Every time I scan my computer it finds over a 100 pieces of spyware. Isn't it suppose to stop it from getting on your computer in the first place? Otherwise what is the point?
  8. I am not running win 8.1!
  9. 12 hour scan. Had to shut it down manually. Never ended. Why? Does it scan in sleep mode? If not why on earth not!
  10. Diff

    full scan

    A quick scan for me takes under 10 minutes.
  11. When I put the checkmark in protect home page from being changed, My homepage that i had it set to originally is changed. It goes from yahoo to msn. Why?
  12. Diff

    full scan

    It just says completed successfully. Which it didn't, because it took so long that I just shut it down!
  13. Diff

    full scan

    yes . Quick scan 2daYS, full scan on Sundays
  14. Diff

    full scan

    started a full scan at 10:00am this morning. 6:15 tonight it was still running..... Why?
  15. Will SAS check for updates and run scans if it is in Hibernate or sleep mode, or do you actually have to have the computer turned on, and at least at your desktop?
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