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  1. Hello I bought my laptop last year as a desktop replacement and it was designed for Vista with a planned upgrade to Windows 7 I have on several occasions over the years upgraded to the next level operating system program without incident. However, I will keep in mind a clean install the next time. I do have Office 2007 to install but want to make sure the operating system is working as it should. Unfortunately buying a new computer in order to upgrade the operating software isn't an option, although I can understand the concept and perhaps avoid some problems. Thank you for your input. Maureen
  2. It was suggested that I run your program because I've had several problems with appearances of my desktop as well as software function problems in several different types of programs. One night earlier this week, I had been moving some files and rebooted a few times. No problems. Finally I closed the computer only to boot up the next morning and find the gremlins had been at work and my desktop was completely different from the one I had left the night before. I rolled back to a reset point earlier in the day prior and everything seemed normal. Yesterday, I realized that several software programs I was using were not working correctly and others wouldn't work at all. This morning I found all my desktop icons had changed to a generic icon and none of them were valid links. It took a while but I went to the MSWord and Outlook and Firefox and got them working. Oh I did upgrade to Windows 7 with a program CD from Dell about 10 days ago. Have actually had some problems since that time. Windows Word 2003 and Excel 2003 never worked consistently. I attempted to reinstall Office 2003 but continued to get messages that installation failed. I did use the original CD to reinstall. The search with Superantispyware found several trojans. Prior to the scan, I did mark to save the log, including empty clean logs. But after it told me to reboot to complete the process of removing the virus/trojans, I went back to see the log and none existed. I can only remember two of the three things that it found. If I had known the save log wouldn't work, I would have at least done a screen print to save the info. I did want to check the log to make sure the problems were removed completely. Trojan.agent/Gen-ImageDocFake Trojan.Vundo-Malware-Trace I think that the Trojan.Vundo-Malware-Trace and the one whose name I can't recall were in the registry. As I was rebooting, Microsoft Essentials popped up with Trojan:Java/Mugademel.A. At this point I knew the log in your program had not been maintained so I did a screen print of the report on this Trojan. I will attach it. An earlier scan with Malwarebytes did not find any of the above. Superantispyware did not detect Trojan:Java/Mugademel.A Microsoft Security Essentials scan earlier in the day did not report any problems with my system. What now? Should I run still a 4th program? Or rerun these programs? Is there a way to retrieve the log which despite being marked was not maintained by your software? I also tried to update the Microsoft Essential definitions and although it shows today's date, I get an error report that it failed. The error report is ERROR CODE 0x80070000d. So, of course, I am assuming I still have some computer problems. I'd appreciate some help to understand why there was no log and if it is possible to still retrieve one. Thank you trojan info.doc
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