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  1. Happened again. It was running for about a week before the same thing happened. I just re-installed the entire program and now its working fine. I am also running thunderbird Avast Antivirus ZoneAlarm Free Firewall Peerblock utorrent
  2. done and done. It seems to start, there is an icon in the system tray, but i click on it (both right and left) and nothing happens. I've just re=installed the program again, works great at the moment. We will see if it craps out or not with a windows error. Nate
  3. This has happened twice so far since I've become a paid registered member, never happened as a free user. I installed (again) SAS pro about 5 days ago after the program would not open. The icon is in the system tray, but if i click on it or rick click on it nothing will happen. I go to the alternate start and nothing happens there either. I closeout the program through task manager and re-open it and windows 7 says there is a comparability issue. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled the program (from your website). And now it works fine. So far I've had this issue twice. Any remedy's or conflicts known? Thanks Nate
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