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  1. I run a scheduled scan nightly on several boxes. One box keeps coming up with two hits on a thing called technologyqyestions. It claims to be in my regular IE8 cookie file. I've scanned the registry and found one key with technologyquestions which I deleted. I removed and declined all flashcookies. Nowhere does technologyquestions ever show up on any cookie viewing software, but it is there every morning as a result of my scheduled scan. There is one hit on technologyquestions in google which referes to somthing called cloudcomputing. Oh ya, its's in my host file as .com , .net too. This thing is driving me nuts. I want it gone, and I can't find it except for scheduled scan results. I surf basically the same web-sites on all the boxes, so if it sets a cookie on one, it should set on all. Anyone?
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