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  1. That did the trick! Thank you very much!!!
  2. Tried that and I still get the popup saying that it must be done using an administrator account. Any other ideas? I have version 4.35.1002...It updates when I go to update it to run a scan but when I try to update the version it won't let me...
  3. Hi I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bit and the free version of SAS. Every time I boot up I get a large popup in the bottom right hand corner of my screen saying that there is a new update available and to click on the link to download and install. When I click on the link I get a small popup stating that this has to be done using an Administrator account. I am under my Administrator account on my computer but I keep getting this small popup everytime I try to update the version of SAS when I get the big box that tells me there is an update. Please what do I do? I looked around the site here for the same isue but could not find anything. Thank you to whoever can help!
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