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  1. I finally just installed AVG and SAS again, and, now I have my icons back. The reason I have SAS is to keep things like this from happening. How stupid that it cause the same problem it is supposed to be protecting me from.
  2. OK, I managed to get the newest definitions downloaded directly from the web site, and I ran a scan and nothing came up. But I still need to know how to get all my icons back in the system tray. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. I too started having problems last night after I noticed that both the AVG tray icon and the SuperAntispyware icon were missing from my tray. I tried to run SuperAntispyware, and it would not launch. I tried running it in 'safe' mode, and it started coming up with thousands of infected files. I closed that down and ran the free version of SuperAntispyware from your web site, and it only came up with 7 tracking cookles, which were quarantined. The problem now is that I cannot launch SuperAntispyware Professional in order to update to the latest version/core. How do I get the program to respond again and get my tray icons back?
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