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  1. I had this same problem and so unticked the box with the 1000's of files (or so I thought)leaving it to delete just 4 tracking cookies. However it proceeded to delet all the files. My PC still runs but I have lots of problems with programs that I use. Even Superantispyware won't run anymore. I restored the PC to an earlier date on 3 ocassions but it is no better. The main warning is about certain files not being a valid Windows image. I did a repair installation of Windows XP - but the problems remain. Can anyone help? Is there an easy way to resolve this - to take all these files back out of quarantine...even though I can't access Superantispyware? I can't even instal AVG anymore as the security centre believes I have another program installed (which I don't as this was trashed and I uninstalled it anyway. So - I really don't want to have to re-format. Can anyone help? Thanks Mark
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