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  1. I plan to upgrade to v.5. Must I uninstall my current version or can I install over it? If I must uninstall, what is the best way to do it? Thanks
  2. esmo

    slow boot

    Thank you. it is nice to be among the respectables.
  3. esmo

    slow boot

    What you are in fact saying is that this slow loading is normal for this version. Is it? I find that hard to believe. At any rate I would not be ready to pay for an update till V.5 is available. I like the program, it does what is expected. I will continue to use it, but I would like to know what loading time is considered normal.Thanks. M. Friedman
  4. esmo

    slow boot

    I have SAS Pro v.4.31.1000 running on xp pro sp3. Boot time is very slow, sometimes taking over 2 minutes to load. Once loaded, the operational speed is good. Is there a fix for this? Thanks. esmo
  5. Thanks for a comprehensive reply.
  6. I get free definition updates only. If I want version update, I have to pay for it.
  7. I have V.4.31.1000 professional lifetime subscription. What is the difference between this and V.4.5? Is it worth upgrading?
  8. Does SAS scan incoming email? Thanks. esmo
  9. The program has blocked some items which are spyware. How do I remove these files? Thanks. Esmo
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