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  1. I use an update checker and it told me 10 days ago there is a new version of SAS. I wondered why I wasn't offered it when launching the program as typical. After reading this thread I know why but it seems a little odd. I'm glad I didn't pursue looking for a problem with my computer as I might have done. Would like to see it offered soon.
  2. Please count me in for when you gather data as I know the program is not finding my tracking cookies.
  3. My concern is despite the fact that the programmers say SAS should find Tracking Cookies it is not, for me and others. It USED to find tracking cookies and suddenly it stopped. What else is wrong with the program?
  4. Well here's one that SAS previously had found. The SAS log from February shows it. SAS did not find it today in either quick or full scan. I can email you SAS logs that show cookies found from sites I still go to that SAS now does not find.
  5. I just updated, database version 7567. I use IE8 so nothing special there. I specifically have gone to sites that SAS previously found cookies from and now it doesn't find them.
  6. I'm still not sure it is working correct for me. Is there any way to be sure? I can run another program and it will find >100 cookies after SAS found 0.
  7. Yes they did. I guess they took a long weekend .
  8. 12 more hours and no definition updates. That's 36 hours total without updates .
  9. Typically there are six or more definition updates in a 24 hour period. The last one was more than 15 hours ago. Something wrong?? https://www.superantispyware.com/definitionupdatehistory.html
  10. Just make sure you're not running more than one realtime AV. MSE is real time so hopefully when you mention Norton you mean an on demand scan. I use MSE for realtime. For on demand I use MBAM and SAS. Also SpywareBlaster. With the problems I have been having with SAS I rely on it the least.
  11. Sorry we're having the same problem but glad it is not just me. There is a problem with the program. And for me it has been going on for seven months. As for scan time my most recent Quick Scan took 2 min 20 sec. If I run it again right away it will take less time (1 min 36 sec.). How often do you run a Quick Scan? Try running a few in a row and see how short a time you can get. The Full Scan I ran earlier today took less than an hour, maybe 50 minutes or so. And this is even after it hangs at two large files that take almost 16 minutes to get through. If it wasn't for those it would be done in 30 minutes or so. Not sure how much you have on the computer but obviously the more files, the longer the Full Scan will take.
  12. SAS Free is still not finding tracking cookies properly for me. I have the latest version (5.0.1116) and definition updates. A Quick Scan found 0 tracking cookies. A Full Scan run immediately after found 2 tracking cookies. Another program then found 168 cookies. Not sure about whether all of those would be considered tracking cookies but I do know SAS Free used to find quite a lot of tracking cookies and going back about 7 months it stopped. And version 5 also does not find them. I'd really like to know why.
  13. Which issue is this supposed to address? The hanging at certain files? If so I will have to try a full scan later. I run MSE as my real time AV. I use SAS Free for on demand. Sorry I did not mention this before.
  14. It was a Windows file. I had it but now forgot. The full scan took 55 minutes and found nothing. I've had an issue going back to version 4 that SAS stopped finding tracking cookies. At one time it found 90 in a full scan and 17 in Quick Scan and then it stopped finding them (save 1 or 2 in a Full Scan). Posting about it never resolved it. People basically said tracking cookies aren't harmful. I understand that but wanted to know why the program suddenly stopped finding them. Version 5 found no tracking cookies in either scan. Another user reported the same thing with version 5 even though his version 4 did find them. Couple that with the hanging and it seems like there is problems for me with SAS.
  15. How can I find that $RECYCLE.BIN Folder/File? I'm leery about deleting restore points. Unfortunately I have used Sys Restore many times with this relatively new computer. As I'm writing this it is still running the full scan and frankly it seems to hang at several points along the way. I know some files may be big but I don't think it should take that long. Problems for me with the new version of this program. No issue with the previous version when it came to scans.
  16. I installed version 5. I ran a Quick Scan. Seemed to work fine although it was VERY fast compared to version 4. Ran a Full Scan. It has now hanged twice at the same point. A $RECYCLE.BIN file. After eight minutes it resumes. Is that file really that big that it should take eight minutes to get through?
  17. Yes that is exactly what I am referring to. I called it an update reminder as it is supposed to remind me to check for definition updates. Regardless of what it's called it is not working for me. When I open the program I get nothing, no dialog, no matter how long it's been since I last manually updated definitions (I have it checked for 1 day). It hasn't worked since I installed the program. I uninstalled/reinstalled and that did not help. I just updated to the new version and that did not help. Any ideas why it is not working for me? That tells me something is wrong somewhere as I have the exact same program at work and it gives me the dialog like it should. Thank you
  18. I still am having the issue where the program will not remind me that definition updates are available. I know it should work. I see it everyday on my work computer. At least it did tell me that there was a program update. Does anyone have any ideas as what to do to resolve this?
  19. I reinstalled and have the most current version yet I can't get the program to remind me about updates. Definitely a bug somewhere. I know it is supposed to tell me, I've seen it on my work computer. Any ideas for me to get the notification to work?
  20. Thanks. And I meant Revo uninstaller.
  21. Using SAS Free. I do not get the update reminder when I open the program. I believe I have everything checked correct. I even set it to remind me in 1 day and didn't log on for two days and got nothing. I know something is not right because I have the program on my work computer and it has the same exact settings yet I get the reminder there. I do the updates but knowing that the reminder isn't working properly leads to me to wonder if there are other problems. Should I uninstall/reinstall? If so is add/remove programs sufficient or should I use Recuva or other? Thanks. Oh and while I'm thinking of it I noticed that the first few times I ran the scan it told me something like "cleaning isn't finished until you reboot". I haven't been getting that message after my last several scans. Does it have to do with what it finds? I believe it's only found adware/tracking cookies so I don't think that is it. Seems weird that I needed to reboot to complete the cleaning process and now I don't. I think back to my above problem and wonder if there isn't something wrong with my SAS Free.
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